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Chelle Media takes care of your online and offline business communication. Want powerful communication towards your target audience? Discover Chelle!
SEO, online marketing, LinkedIn, communication strategy
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Communication strategy

How good would brands be, if they talked like actual persons? We believe in the power and the simplicity of emotive branding: describing your brand using emotions. This makes your message mega clear to the target audience. Get the most out of your business.

SEO content and commercial texts

Chelle Media writes commercial, catchy texts that sell. Next to being profitable and catchy, you also have to take findability into account when writing online texts. This enables your website to get more exposure and more leads. It is therefore important to use SEO to the fullest.


Chelle provides you with all the essential elements of a LinkedIn profile, including making it Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Furthermore, we dig deeper into how to expand your network and how to use LinkedIn strategically.

Who is Chelle?

Chelle stands for empowering your communication. By using an energetic, differentiating and progressive method, we give your brand an enormous boost.

Rachelle Leerling

Chelle Media has built a portfolio consisting of various communications projects, including communication strategy, online marketing (Google Adwords, social media) and search engine optimized (SEO) web content. In addition, Chelle provides LinkedIn and emotive branding (brand identity) trainings. Check out Chelle’s portfolio here.

We take you by the hand by thoroughly understanding the brand. We are engaged and helpful, yet also leading and willful. Chelle likes tackling problems and pushing through. No non-sense. Expect fast handling and direct communication.

Chelle is originally from Utrecht, the Netherlands, but is currently operating internationally as digital nomad. Want to learn more about me? Check out my LinkedIn profile.

I love to expand my network, so let’s have coffee soon! Want to put me to work right away? Get in touch.




Contact us! (reply within 24 hour).

Would you like to have a coffee? Let’s have coffee! No strings attached. We can meet either face-to-face, over the phone or on Skype. I like to expand my network!

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